Zmień Zdanie Copywriting

New website build from scratch

Zmień Zdanie Copywriting

Project Info

I had a wonderful opportunity to work with Zmień Zdanie Copywriting Agency based in Poznań. This small company is devoted to bringing high-quality and creative content to their clients, so they needed the visuals to be both modern and professional. The first stage of the project was designing a new brand. Then I focused on creating a website, that would meet the owner’s expectations. What I also did was create a clear and aesthetically appealing blog. This part was highly important, because the platform is used for self-promotion, so it needed to be done right.


During this project, I was the part of the whole creative process. I’ve brought a new logo and laid foundations for the company’s branding. The website is simple and perfectly fitted to the Zmień Zdanie’s image. If you’re curious about the results, check out their website live here.

Technologies Used

What Client said?


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