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Performance Optimization

You have 2 seconds to impress your visitors.
Make them count.

Visitors won't wait for your website to load. Increase your conversion rate with a recipe for blazing-fast WordPress websites.

Your business comes first

Matt Kędzia
Matt Kędzia
Head of Marketing at BerlinGreen

Everything was transparent and well understood from the start.

Both GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed ranking doubled after mrkaluzny's completed his work. All errors and pet peeves were fixed.

The project was done very swiftly with literally no impact on daily operations. Communication was clear and efficient. The primary audit and final report has given us a clear understanding of the project scope.

Sylwester Śniadecki
Sylwester Śniadecki
CEO at Śniadecki Development

Wojciech has took over all of our websites over couple months ago. During this time we've been impressed with his skills, knowledge and work he's performed.

The changes we asked for were implemented within couple days. We highly recommend Wojciech!

Cloud Walker
Cloud Walker
CEO at A Rich Life

We have engaged mrkaluzny's team to develop a new subscription website from scratch and have found them to be responsive, knowledgeable and great with communication.

The WordPress speed recipe

1. Server location

Out of sight, out of mind.

Stay close to your audience with servers in the best locations or choose a load-balanced setup with multiple servers (for global or complex websites).

2. Asset optimization

Everyone loves a gif, but CSS and JS slow down your website. I’ll implement an asset optimization strategy that offers functionality and aesthetics.

3. Caching

Get rid of loading icons. I’ll implement the best page, object, and server caching options tailored to your unique system.

4. Code changes

Say goodbye to WordPress headaches. I’ll inspect your website’s code and improve the functions and markup to increase your website speed and your team’s efficiency.

5. Content Delivery Network

Keep providing rich content experiences and retain your high-fidelity assets with a Content Delivery Network that quickly loads your website’s assets from different endpoints.

Roadmapping Pricing
Complete roadmap for

*50% of the cost is deductible from the optimization invoice

What's included:
  • Audit of your website with scores
  • List of actionable optimization suggestions
  • Priorities for business goals
  • Discover additional value
  • No future work obligation
  1. Sign the NDA & fill out the project brief
  2. Receive audit and optimization suggestions with a quote
  3. Select the best optimization solution. You can implement it on your own or work with me.

Delivery time: 7 business days

Schedule your performance audit

Fine-tune your WordPress performance without sacrificing your quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My website is complex, and my performance is getting worse. Can you help?

In some cases, you may need a decentralized setup with multiple servers and a load balancer. However, you could also consider a Jamstack website.

We can approach your solution from various angles, so please get in touch via the form.

Can I get a performance audit if I use a different content management system?

Apart from WordPress, I offer performance audits for headless frontends built with Gatsby.js.

How fast is the optimization audit?

You’ll usually get your results within 7 business days, but I’ll be in touch with you to let you know when you can expect it.

I already use WordPress plugins for optimization. Do I still need your services?

I would sincerely recommend them. WordPress plugin gallery is full of different options, but the best solutions are tailored to your company. During the audit, we’ll review them and see if the setup can be improved or if you need a bespoke solution.

Why do my server location and CDN matter?

Think of it this way: if you want to attract New Yorkers to your brick & mortar store, you don’t open it in London. You open it in New York. Your servers should always be located closely to your visitors so your website loads fast.

If your website is hosted on a server in London, it’ll be slower for visitors from New York.

Have other questions?

Please get in touch with me via the contact form.

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