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Full-text search with Gatsby and Netlify CMS

Wojciech Kałużny | 10 min read
Implementing a full-text search into Gatsby is quite painless to set up. I've experimented with different plugins but decided to use Flexsearch (easiest to implement and set up).
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How to add Google Reviews to static website?

Wojciech Kałużny | 12 min read
I'm constantly improving my websites as well as my client's sites adding new features and information. Last week I focused on integrating google reviews with a static website written in react. Here's a little guide on how to do it on your own.
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Using Laravel Echo with and Vue SPA

Wojciech Kałużny | 13 min read
Working on the latest project I found it necessary to implement Laravel Echo for live-updating features across the application such as timers, notifications or other small updates. It took me a couple of hours to get Laravel Echo running on my development environment and staging one. So I decided to share my process.
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Brave alternative for Google Chrome

Wojciech Kałużny | 4 min read
Chrome has one big advantage of superior developer tools that I have to rely on every day. But Google’s love for trading our private data for dollar signs is not something I easily accept. So from time to time, I was searching for a browser to finally replace Chrome. Last week I finally found it!
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Work efficiently with Git using aliases

Wojciech Kałużny | 3 min read
Git is an essential tool for any modern developer. This extremely powerful tool proven in code-reviews, deployment, and collaboration on code. If you're like me, the majority of commands typed in Terminal each day are git commands.
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