Web development done right!

Fast loading, responsive, modern front-end with the clean code base, built using WordPress, PHP, JavaScript or Rails. Me and your project could be a perfect match. Let’s find out!

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Let’s make the web a better place

With clean HTML, well-organized CSS and optimised JS your site is bound to fly! Always beautifully responsive and working on all devices. Thanks to cutting-edge frameworks, your project will reflect modern needs.

HTML & CSS Markup

Have an amazing design that needs to be converted to HTML & CSS? With clean markup and BEM methodology applied to CSS, you’ll have a reusable, component-based code ready to deploy.

Front End Development

Looking for a Front-End Developer? Angular, React.js or Vue.js I can work with any of them, providing the modern and fast performance to your app.

WordPress Development

Built from scratch with Underscores blank starting theme using the design you’ll provide or mine. Adding ACF to provide powerful custom admin options to suit your content management needs. On top of that I use Continous Deployment to bring newest changes to production with ease.

Web App Development

A web app is all you need? I use Node with Express and MongoDB to bring features you need. I can also work with Ruby on Rails if you’d rather use that.

Ecommerce with WooCommerce

Need an e-commerce solution? Going with WooCommerce and WordPress is one of the best ways to go. I can help customise your cart pages, as well as guiding you to the best plugins available.

Constantly creating. Never settling.

Let me show you my previous projects. Web development is not only my work - it’s the passion, that I fully engrossed in. Take a look at my work and decide whether you like it. If you do, that’s great! It means that we can create something amazing together.

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