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Angels Teach

E-learning platform for courses

A website redesign with a new e-learning capabilities to share courses, exchange course materials and connect with students.

Angels Teach website in browser, created by mrkaluzny

Enabling sales of workshops & online courses

Educational products offered by Angels Teach are offered both in a form of workshops as well as online courses. My task was to create a new website and prepare a web platform front-end layer. Additionally client required integration of the e-learning platform and website with InfusionSoft CRM.

The team and I created individual design for the website. I was responsible for creating a WordPress theme. Client selected WordPress as the CMS for both the website and e-learning platform. Additionally we integrated the platform with Stripe and PayPal, which enabled users to utilize quick & secure payments.

The e-learning platform as well as the website were optimized for mobile devices, allowing users access to Angels Teach' content at all times.

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