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Osiedle Tuleckie

Osiedle Tuleckie is one of real estate projects built by Śniadecki Development from Poznań, Poland offering modern design at moderate prices.

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Śniadecki Development Sp. z o.o.

Real Estate

11- 50

Poznań, Poland

Completed in

Starting new real estate investment required creating new website to coordinate sales & allow clients to learn more about the project.

For optimizing sales experience I've created a separate solution for managing estates stock directly from spreadsheets, and implemented a configurator module in Vue.js that allows clients to add additional perks to their new home.

Home selector & configurator integration with Google Sheets allows client for instant updates of the stock across all websites from 1 datapoint without any need for developer's work. CMS that I've selected was WordPress, because of previous experience with this CMS.

Currently I have a pleasure to work with Śniadecki Development on updating the site and maintaining server architecture implemented for all client's sites.

Osiedle Tuleckie website screenshot