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A Rich Life

A Rich Life was created out of a need to redesign Ethical Equities blog. With the redesign the website grew into full-fledged information service.

Initial view of A Rich Life

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Growing a blog into a full-fledged information service is a huge challange.

We planned a reboot with new server infrastructure in place. The redesign focused on blog posts, categories & extending functionalities for subscribers and financial part of the website.

A Rich Life has been a hugely successful project. With some careful planning we rebranded a poorly designed website into something both intuitive and attractive that keeps users coming back.

A Rich Life screenshots collection

Our main focus was to improve paying subscribers experience.

The members of the website were being delivered paid content through email. This meant a lot of manual effort from the Ethical Equities team to manage the subscriptions.

It also made for a difficult user experience, as all the valuable content was not organised in a neat, central location.

Scope of work

  • MemberPress implementation
  • Server architecture update
  • Stripe payments integration
  • Stock tracking tickers implemented