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MDG Design

iPad application for promotional purposes for Viega. Project consisted of React Native iOS App and Laravel backend application.

MDG Design screenshot

Promotional application for iOS had to be paired with backend application for optimal solution

MDG Design provided me with the designs for the iPad application. Within couple of days we had a working prototype ready to be tested by the client.

Application's main goal was to collect participants data for Viega competition. For optimal data browsing and collection I had to come up with a backend application for viewing, downloading and managing data from the application.

MDG Design screenshot

Mobile application with Laravel backend

After reviewing the use cases for the application, my team decided to use React Native for creating the mobile application and Laravel with Vue for quickly scaffolded backend application.

We prepared the app to be deployed to iPads used during the events with readable, clean backend panel ready for marketers to deep dive into the collected data.

Scope of work

  • iPad mobile application written with React Native
  • Backend application for data processing with API written in Laravel
  • Backend front-end panel for marketers created with Vue
  • Deployment of iOS and backend application
MDG Design screenshot