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Slimwonen is an app that enables users in the Netherlands to monitor costs of energy and reduce it in the long run.

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Twinstone B.V.

Real Estate


The Hague, Netherlands

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Providing professional support during development cycle was my main goal in this project.

Slimwonen App helps users in Netherlands control water, gas and energy usage in their homes. Thanks to integration with smart meters users have access to real-time calculated usage parameters. Analysis of users' behaviour and appliances used in home app provides suggestions on minimizing energy usage.

Additionally app's users can compare their usage with other users, get help with energy provider operator selection, learn how much energy they saved thanks to incorporating tips, control received bills and much more!

I was responsible for creating the front end of the application for Android and iOS platforms. During the project it's scope changed and I advised the client on features and implementation roadmap.

SLimWonen App website screenshot

Collaboration is key

With Twinstone team we've created and implemented over 60 unique views within the app. We're constantly collaborating on updating the application, providing users the best experience possible.

I'm providing ongoing support with new features development and bug fixes of the app. The app is available for download on AppStore and Google Play Store.