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Śniadecki Development

Śniadecki Development is a dynamically growing real estate developer form Poznań. They reached out to me when hitherto technical solutions started to slow them down.

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Śniadecki Development Sp. z o.o.

Real Estate

11- 50

Poznań, Poland

Completed in

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Previous technical solutions used in the company slowed down their growth and hurt their sales. I was tasked with creating new online presence.

Working along the client I helped them design new website that enables them to effectively promote new investments. Website is build on top of WordPress with custom, bespoke builder created for the company that allows for quick page creation without need for developer's work.

During ongoing support we've implemented new features beyond initial such as real estate finder that shows all available homes in client's offer integrated with Google Sheets for quick data editing and updated forms for gathering leads or interactive forms for clients for easier management on inquiries.

Sniadecki Development website screenshot

Scope of work

  • Server architecture
  • Real estate finder
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Lead generation system integration

Ongoing collaboration

I provide ongoing support for Śniadecki Development improving created websites, adding new features and maintaining implemented server architecture.