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Steen & Strøm

Steen & Strøm is one of the greatest department stores in Oslo, a newly redesigned page had to incorporate their sense of style and offer more features to it's users.

Steen og Strom website screenshot

Steen og Strøm is a luxury shopping center in Oslo city center. New website became the center for new marketing strategy

Website for Steen & Strøm was developed in 2 languages (norwegian and english). It's main goal was to enable shops owners to share details of their offers to shoppers. Part of the project was to implement advanced search capabilities for shoppers to find brands, stores and restaurants they love.

Thanks to the website shoppers can find detailed information about stores and restaurants available on site. Blog informs shoppers about high fashion world, interesting travel destinations and news from Steen & Strøm.

Steen og Strom website screenshot